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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pregnancy Myth: Stretchmarks are Caused by Scratching

I have previously written several articles on pregnancy myths, these are beliefs that other people usually follow as part of their culture like eating twin bananas will give rise to twin pregnancies, eating eggplants will make your baby's skin darker.

I have heard one of my patients say this " Dra, iniwasan ko naman magkamot kahit ang kati-kati pero bakit nagka stretchmark pa din ako (Dr. I have tried my best not to scratch even if the skin is very itchy but why did I still have stretchmarks)?" I explained to her that scratching has no role in the appearance of stretchmarks and even though how much scratching is done its has no effect on the severity of stretchmarks but scratching definitely has an effect on the appearance of secondary skin infection.

FACT: Scratching Does Not Cause Stretchmarks!!

Another MYTH: Lotions, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter can prevent stretchmarks.

FACT: No creams can prevent stretchmarks. Creams only moisturizes your skin but doesn't prevent it from being stretched.

MYTH: Stretchmark stays forever

FACT: Stretchmark can now be cured. Laser Treatment specially Fractional C02 showed promising results on the removal of stretchmarks.

There is one product that helps reduce the hyperpigmentation caused by laser treatment, helps generate collagen and helps tighten and whiten the skin and even safe on pregnant moms - The Celesty Flora Stretchmark Erase

I am an OB-GYN in practice for 9 years and never did I encounter a treatment as effective as the combination of Fractional C02 and Celesty Flora Stretchmark Eraser in the removal of stretchmark. I have personally made a research on this to prove its efficacy and the study can be read at this link

I believe that I cannot be talking about its efficacy if I haven't proven it myself.

As for the machine that removes stretchmarks, I personally went to Italy to train in using this particular machine. I was invited to present the research paper I made on stretchmarks so I took the chance to train with Italy's best doctors who have used the machines for so long. I'm sure everybody wouldn't want to be treated by just anyone with inadequate knowledge, besides Fractional C02 treatment is pretty expensive and each patient should be handled by the best available physician there is. Anybody can learn how to use laser in just one day but it's the principle behind the treatment, the careful selection of parameters and the hand-me-down knowledge, tips and lots of personal experiences shared by well known surgeons that made me different from the rest. I am not underestimating the capacity of other doctors nor am I bragging about myself but it's good for my patients and readers to know that I have devoted a year of research exclusively on stretchmarks and the paper gained international recognition. I have been invited to speak twice internationally on well known congresses like Aesthetic Asia 2012 and Laser Florence 2012. Just an additional information and enough evidence to make you feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands should you choose to avail of my services.

SO, Scratching does not cause stretchmarks and stretchmarks does not stay forever.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fractional C02 for the Removal of Stretchmarks

Uploaded by shinagawaph on Feb 19, 2012

Shinagawa PH's resident stretchmark specialist - Dr. Des Manlapaz-Gonzales, OB Gyn / Aesthetic Gynecologist, talks about the wonders of Fractional CO2 Laser. For inquiries, please visit and "Contact Us."

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Roasted Garlic and its Health Benefits

I love the smell of garlic being sauteed in either oil or butter but the taste of garlic may be edible for some yet non palatable for others. It is maybe the sting it leaves your tongue or the smell of your after breath. But did you kow that garlic is one of the most valuable and versatile foods on the planet? Garlic belongs to the Allium family of vegetables which also includes onions, chives, shallots and leeks.

According to an article by garlic is a widely recognized health enhancing supplement. Garlic promotes the well-being of the heart and immune systems with antioxidant properties and helps maintain healthy blood circulation. One of garlic's most potent health benefits includes the ability to enhance the body's immune cell activity.

Allicin a sulfur compoud that is the active component in garlic is the chemical produced when garlic is chopped, chewed, or bruised. Allicin is quite powerful as an antibiotic and a potent agent that helps the body to inhibit the ability of germs to grow and reproduce. In fact, it's said that 1 milligram of allicin has a potency of 15 standard units of penicillin.

I remember when remote provinces and older population uses garlic as first aid treatment.

There are now over 12 studies published around the world that confirm that garlic can reduce cholesterol.

Recently researchers in Oxford and America have published some summaries of all the good data on garlic. Garlic is known to stimulate T-lymphocyte and macrophage action, promote interleukin-1 levels, and support natural killer cells. Strong activity of these key cells promotes healthy immune system function, and strengthens the body's defenses.

Where did garlic came from?

Garlic was rare in traditional English cuisine (though it is said to have been grown in England before 1548), and has been a much more common ingredient in Mediterranean Europe.
Builders of the ancient pyramids were said to eat garlic daily for enhanced endurance and strength.

Garlic was placed by the ancient Greeks on the piles of stones at cross-roads, as a supper for Hecate.

Roman emperors couldn't eat enough of it, as it was considered an antidote to poisons which were very popular in certain political circles of the time.

The Spanish have long used garlic as a preservative which helps to add creadence to it's anti-bacterial properties and whole books have been devoted to the health benefits of garlic.

The inhabitants of Pelusium in lower Egypt, who worshipped the onion, are said to have had an aversion to both onions and garlic as food.

European beliefs once considered garlic a powerful ward against demons, werewolves, and vampires. To ward off vampires, garlic could be worn, hung in windows or rubbed on chimneys and keyholes.

Garlic Facts

Garlic has germanium in it. Germanium is an anti-cancer agent, and garlic has more of it than any other herb. In lab tests, mice fed garlic showed no cancer development, whereas mice that weren't fed garlic showed at least some. In fact, garlic has been shown to retard tumor growth in human subjects in some parts of the world.

Another benefit of garlic is it helps regulate the body's blood pressure. So whether you have problems with low or high blood pressure, garlic can help equalize it.

Garlic helps strengthen your body's defenses against allergies; helps loosen plaque from the artery walls; helps regulate your blood sugar levels; and is the best choice for killing and expelling parasites such as pin worms from the human body.

In addition to all these health benefits, garlic is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Some of these include protein, potassium, Vitamins A, B, B2 and C, Calcium, Zinc and many others.

In a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, allicin powder was found to reduce the incidence of the common cold by over 50%.

Garlic and onions are toxic to cats and dogs.

Garlic can thin the blood similar to the effect of aspirin.

Drinking lemon juice or eating a few slices of lemon will stop bad garlic breath.

It is traditional to plant garlic on the shortest day of the year. Whether this is for symbolic or practical reasons is unclear.

Garlic for Health

Today, we know garlic is an excellent herb for creating and maintaining overall health, but it also has many lesser known, but powerful qualities. For example, many people don't know that it's a naturally powerful antibiotic. This natural antibiotic is effective against toxic bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Available in pills, capsules, liquid and actual raw cloves, garlic is one of the most popular healthy herbs around today.

Garlic helps platelet stickiness or aggregation to help reduce blood coagulation, and promote heart health.

The antioxidant properties of garlic help scavenge harmful free radicals, which can damage LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood stream.

Garlic also promotes increased bile production to help reduce levels of fat in the liver. Garlic pills also help ward off coughs and colds.

Garlic and Your Heart.

The positive effect of garlic on your circulatory system is extremely well documented and it has been proved to:

lower blood pressure

decrease platelet aggregation

lower serum triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol ( the bad type) levels

increase serum HDL-cholesterol (the good type) and fibrinolysis (the process through which the body breaks up blood clots.)

Plus it stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the lining of blood vessel walls, a substance that helps them to relax.

As a result of these beneficial actions garlic helps to prevent arteriosclerosis and thereby reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Two or three cloves a day have cut the risk of subsequent heart attacks in half in heart patients.

One reason for these beneficial effects may be garlic's ability to reduce the amount of free radicals in the bloodstream. According to a study published in Life Sciences, a daily dose of 1 ml/kg body weight of garlic extract for a period of 6 months resulted in a significant reduction in oxidant (free radical) stress in the blood of arteriosclerosis patients. It's positive effect on the circulatory system improves blood flow throughout the body so has even been hailed as a cure for impotence!

You can read the full article published by Disabled World Towards Tomorrow here.

Now that you know the benefits of garlic let me share you my own recipe in roasting a garlic. I guarrantee you that those ot eating garlic will be able to do so after learning this recipe. Why? because my 13 y/o daughter was able to tolerate it.


1. Peel off the outermost thinnest layer of garlic skin.

2. Cut 4-5 mm off the garlic top to expose each individual garlic.

3. Put each clove in a muffin pan. Spread butter or oil on top. Sprinkle basil leaves, Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper or whatever herb available to you.

4.Put garlic in a preheated oven 230'c for 15 minutes.

Then your garlics are ready to serve with grilled steaks, chicken or fish.

Happy Roasting.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Own Version of Tiramisu

I was inspired by Master Chef Season 3 episode on the hosts' favorite desserts: a Trifle for Gordon Ramsay, a strawberry shortcake for Graham Elliot and a Tiramisu for Joe Biastachi.

I love Italian food more so Italian desserts. I never taught that Tiramisu has Italian origin. I taught it was Japanese by the sound of it.

Tiramisu is an Italian cake and dessert. It is made of ladyfingers (Italian: Savoiardi) dipped in coffee and rhum, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese, and flavored with liquor and cocoa.

Alternatively, it has its origins in 1969, accounts by Carminantonio Iannaccone (as a researched and written about by The Washington Post) establish the creation of tiramisu by him on 24 December 1969 in Via Sottotreviso while he was head chef at Treviso, near Venice

The translation of the name Italian tiramisù (tirami sù) means "pick-me-up" (metaphorically, "make me happy"). This may refer to the caffeine in the espresso and effect of cocoa used in the recipe.

So here is my version of Tiramisu.


custard filling:

4 egg yolks


15 ml white rhum (optional)

250 ml all purpose cream

cubes of butter

3 tsp all purpose flour

Mascarpone cheese***

whipped cream:

4 egg whites

white sugar

coffee dip:



white rhum

24 pieces ladyfingers

cocoa powder


Step 1. Seperate 4 egg yolks from the egg whites in 2 mixing bowls.

Step 2. Mix the egg yolk, sugar, white rhum, butter, 1/2 of the 250 ml all purpose cream and flour until mixture is homogenous, Cook in a pan (you dont want to get Salmonella by eating raw egg yolks) and bring the mixture to a boil while constantly stirring and until thick. Set aside and let cool.

Step 3. Whisk in the egg whites and white sugar until foamy and thick.

Step 4. Fold in the eggwhite mixture into the custard mixture. Fold in slowly and do not beat. Set Aside.

Step 5. Make the espresso mixture just like when you are making your coffee. Add white rhum and a little sugar.

Step 6. Dip the lady fingers into the coffee mixture very fast. Not to make it very soft. Then arrange it in a square pan.

Step 7. Pour over the custard filling. You may choose to sift cocoa powder before adding another layer of dipped lady fingers if you want a more bitter taste.

Step 8. Repeat Step 6 and 7

Step 9. Finish with cocoa powder on top of the second layer of custard filling

Step 10. Keep in Fridge for 6 hours before serving.

You can play on the flavors and add some fruits. I hope you enjoy yours as I enjoyed mine. Once you do this you will never buy Tiramisu again but instead make your own.

Happy Cooking!

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